Mahomet Illinois Real Estate Agent Jeff Haskett
Jeff Haskett e-PRO, GRI, MBA, TRC

Home Staging Tips

Tips for Staging Your Home

1. Curb Appeal is a must. If your home doesn’t put on a good show, who will bother to come to view the inside? Keep yard watered and mowed at all times. Placing some bright flowers near the front door is nice touch.

2. Make the bathrooms shine! Remove all gritty soap scum, and possibly repaint if needed. Bathrooms (especially the master) are a big deal for buyers. Neatly place neutral colored “fluffy” blankets on all towel racks.

3. Paint colors: Neutral is the way to go, a light brown/tan works the best. White is no longer the best option for showing off your home.

4. Windows: Light is a good thing when selling a home. If the new owners want less light, they will take care of that with blinds, etc. All windows should shine, because buyers will look out every window while viewing your home.

5. Clean that dirty fireplace. Having a freshly painted/clean fireplace is a must. Repaint with heat resistant paint (typically black).

6. Kitchen: Must be cleaned for all showings (including the fridge). Countertops and Appliances must match and be price appropriate for the home. If comparable homes have granite tops, and stainless appliances, so must you.

7. Wood floors: Make them shine with an good wood cleaning. In many older homes, beautiful wood flooring is hidden underneath outdated carpet. Remove carpet and possibly refinish the floors.

8. Patio: Pressure wash deck and make it look new again! If the deck is wooden a coat of neutral stain/sealant will really help.

9. Clutter: Remove all clutter from the home. Your home’s closets should only have a few items in them, not filled to the ceiling. Do you have too much furniture in a given room? Remove some furniture from the home to make it appealing to more buyers.

10. Pets: If possible have the animals watched by friends or family until home is sold. Pet odors/stains are not something that will help you sell your home. If impossible to remove animals, keep home free of pet hair and odor as much as possible.

11. Flowers: Adding a few bright flowers in the dining room and bathrooms will make a difference. If using real make sure they are fresh at all times.

12. Contact an experienced Realtor® to help you with staging the home. I have staged many homes, and know what buyers are looking for in a home.